June Fundraising

June Fundraising Ideas

MHM Wales’ Michaela Moore shares more fundraising ideas.

Hello again! Sunshine, music and sport – June has it all (minus the sunshine maybe)

What with Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and the European Football Cup happening, June is quite the sporting month. To join in with all the fun while also supporting MHM Wales, organise a sweepstake. Contact us for a sweepstake sheet!

Glastonbury, Download, Wychwood and Isle of Wight; just some of the many festivals happening throughout June. If you’re not setting off to one of these iconic festivals, why not hold your own and ask attendees for a small donation? Then all that’s left to do is dance like nobody’s watching and sing like nobody’s listening, despite the high probability of people doing both.

11th June – The Queen’s Official Birthday
Ma’am turns 90 this year, which seems like as good an excuse as any to hold a tea party. For those feeling particularly in the mood, why not go the whole hog and host a street party (dinner jacket, optional) with people paying a small donation fee to attend.

17th June – Flip Flop Day
As the sun shines down (we hope), free your feet by popping on a pair of flip flops this June.
Get workmates to join in and make sure to foot the bill by asking everyone for a donation for MHM Wales.

21st June – National Selfie Day
Cheeeeese. You can’t move for selfie sticks these days – and if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. Yes, there is such a thing as National Selfie Day.
To get snap happy, you could challenge your colleagues to see how many people they can fit into one selfie or maybe how many selfies you can take in one minute. Get people to pay a pound to join in, award the winner half the pot and send the other half to MHM Wales.
Don’t forget to share your selfies on the official National Selfie Day website. Keep them clean!

That’s it for this month!
We couldn’t provide all the support we do without you.
Please share your fundraising ideas by logging on to Facebook or sending us a tweet.
If you want to get involved, in whatever way you can, talk to us today on 01656 651 450 or email us at fundraising@mhmwales.org

See you next time!

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