Finding Connections

Anxiety and Depression

What can you do?


Hi my name is Andrea Beard and I’m the Training Co-ordinator for MHM Wales.

I know that you know what anxiety and depression is. When we have a physical illness (imagine you have a broken leg right now), we are experts in our own care, we automatically look after ourselves and attend any physio appointments needed. We do this until we are on the road to recovery.

Why should it be any different when we experience mental health issues? Is not that easy I hear you say. I understand that it’s not, but through MHM Wales’ Anxiety and Depression workshops, we can begin to help you to help yourselves.

In my workshops, I don’t tell people what Anxiety and depression is (let’s face it; if you have it you know and if you haven’t there’s Google!). What the workshops provide are the tips and tools needed to be able to manage your anxiety and depression in a positive proactive way.

MHM Wales Anxiety and depression workshops are physio for you mind!

How do I know these workshops are helping? Don’t take my word for it. Here are some accounts from participants themselves:

It has helped with being able to control myself in situations where I feel stressed

It was helpful speaking to others who feel the same as you and knowing you are not the only one to feel this way

The last statement has been said many times in the groups. Everyone who has attended the first session has come back. This is not just down to me; it’s because in the workshops people gain confidence throughout and feel very comfortable in each other’s company, being with people that experience the same feelings as them (Everybody who has a broken leg will experience pain).

The workshop provides a logical understanding of the conditions and the coping tools allow you to separate yourself from your condition, control your anxiety and panic, build your confidence and self-esteem.

Session one looks at the condition and encourages group discussion, giving an outline of the coping tools.

Session two focuses on how the conscious and unconscious mind influences how we think about our condition and how the mind controls our confidence.

Session three is all about the triggers and warning signs which affect the condition and how the tools can be used to help cope with any circumstances arising in the future.

Participants are expected to attend all 3 x 3 hr sessions and will work in groups to identify the tools needed to help with their anxiety and depression. Each will receive a file full of the resources to take home to allow them to continue to make improvements.

For more information on Finding Connections, please contact Andrea on 01656 649 557 or email