April Fundraising

April Fundraising

MHM Wales’ Michaela Moore shares more great fundraising ideas for  April.

15th April 2016 – Take a Wild Guess Day
Whether its sweets, Rice Krispies, coffee beans or something else, fill a jar to the top and ask colleagues to guess the total amount for a £1 donation. The winner keeps half the money raised, with the remainder going to MHM Wales.

15th April 2016 – Micro Volunteering Day
When we think of volunteering, we sometimes think there’s a need to give up big chunks of time to our favourite nominated charities doing extravagant activities and making big gestures … this doesn’t always have to be the case (but we like it when you do!)

The 21st century has introduced something called Micro volunteering into the charitable mix. Micro volunteering is a way of making aspects of volunteering really easy and breaks up charitable activity into bite sized pieces so anyone, anywhere can get involved. So whether you’ve got a spare 2 minutes or a spare 2 hours, there’s always a little something you could be doing.

We’ve come up with a few ways you can do something good for MHM Wales this Micro volunteering Day (Friday 15th April 2016)

  • To re-tweet/share a Twitter/Facebook post = 20 seconds or less
  • Facebook: //MHMWALES Twitter://mhmwales
  • 2 Texting MHMW to 70070 to donate £2 to MHMWales = 1 minute
  • Signing up as a MHM Wales volunteer = 10 minutes
  • Sign up for a local sporting event to raise money for MHM wales= 10 minutes
  • 5 Become a member of MHM Wales: 10 Mins

16th April 2016 – Auctioneers Day
As a great fundraising LOT we need you to ask local businesses and colleagues to donate some prizes for you to host your own MHM Wales auction. Going once, going twice, we hope you’re sold on helping us raise as much cash as possible.

22nd April 2016 – National Jelly Bean Day
Who doesn’t love a jelly bean?

There are many flavours and everyone has their favourite from cherry or buttered popcorn to more adventurous flavours like latte and chili mango?

You can enjoy Jelly Bean Day and raise essential funds by staging your own ‘how many beans in the jar’ contest with the prize being the jellybeans. Whatever you do, don’t forget that the tastiest way to celebrate Jelly Bean Day is by eating lots of jelly beans!

21 April 2016 – Queen’s Birthday
Celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday by having a right royal knees-up for MHM Wales. To make sure your party reigns supreme.

30 April 2016 – Bugs Bunny Day
In honour of this carrot-crunching character, we want you to hop to it and take part in our name the bunny competition. Get friends and family to take a guess for £1, with the pot of cash going to MHM Wales! Make the winner hoppy by giving them a (newly-named) cuddly or chocolate bunny as their prize.

£500 could pay for the provision of essential Mental Health Workshops in your community allowing those affected by mental health to engage with other through peer-2-peer support and an information guide regarding their mental health condition. These workshops help the individuals and their families understand more about their condition, its treatment, How to manage it and the support available to them.

Don’t forget to share your fundraising ideas by logging on to Facebook or sending us a tweet.

We couldn’t provide all the support we do without you. If you want to get involved, in whatever way you can, talk to us today on
01656 651 450 or email us at  Fundraising@mhmwales.org or visit our website www.mhmwales.org

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